Ultimate Flemming – Flemmenergy

Flemming Dalum is a name that will need absolutely no introduction to anyone who knows anything about Italo. The man is a legend. For many of us, when we first begin to dip below the surface of Italo music, it’s Fleming’s celebrated mixes that serve as our guide.
Known as ‘The King Of The Cut’, Dalum is probably the world’s most famous collector of Italo records and a DJ who as bolstered the Italo scene since it’s beginning. A self-confessed vinyl junkie with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Italo, Disco and Synth music in general, Flemming crafts mixes that take the leister not only on a journey through Italo, both the hits and the obscure, but also on a journey through a Sci-Fi landscape, Flemming Dalum’s mixes always have one foot on the dancefloor, one foot in space. Never loosing fait, even when Italo seemed to fade into obscurity, Flemming is still a central figure on the scene, supporting and championing the next generation of Italo producers though this Italo resurgence we are currently experiencing.
The King Of The Cut recently took some time to chew the fat about his history with Italo music and present electronic rumors with a special exclusive Italo mix! Having an electronic rumors mix from Flemming Dalum feels like unlocking an end of level boss![end div] 0